Password Security and Online Gambling Where the User Has Control

In the world of online gambling, control is not always in the hands of the user. Poker hands come and go and so do spins of the roulette wheel, but there is an element of online gambling that the user can totally control. Learning proper password protection is the first step in a secure online gambling future.

The user has the ability to generate a secure password that is unique to each and every site requiring a login. By learning the process of designing a secure password, and realizing the most common methods used by thieves to steal passwords, you can create a virtually unbreakable password. The following article will discuss those methods and expose the most secure way to store your password.

If you’ve registered with an online gambling site, then you’ve probably been asked to create a password. In the instance when you have already been issued a password set by the company you’ve chosen, many times the online gambling site will prompt you to change your password, either through the preferences or options menu. When presented with the task of generating a new password, there are important aspects to keep in mind.

First, how many characters you are able to use? The number of characters you use helps to increase the effectiveness of your password. The more characters you use the less likely your password will be hacked. Every password system behind online casinos, sports book or poker room will have different rules… make sure you know the number of characters allowed. If they allow twenty characters, use all twenty.

Secondly, which characters are you allowed to use? A quality password should contain at least one character of each of the following sets: numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special characters (i.e. etc.) If they allow special characters, use them. Even if you use one special character, such as or you are dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your password. Again, these character limitations are dependent on the password system limitations for each online casino, sports book, or poker room.

Lastly, when assigning your password, don’t use something you think will be easy to remember, such as a name, date or pin number. Instead, create a password that is entirely random. There are several approaches to designing quality passwords, two of which are randomly hitting keys on your keyboard or using random password generators, which are usually included in password manager software programs, with the later being the most secure. The main reason password generators are recommended is because they usually do not involve ever touching the keyboard, which can be tracked by malware or key loggers. This is the perfect time to remind everyone just how important quality, up-to-date, anti-virus software is to every computer user. Make sure you use it! It is a minimal expenditure which in the end can save you from potential headaches or even identity theft.

It is a great idea to apply the above rules to every single password you use online, especially your main form of communication email accounts. In return, this begs the question, how do I remember all of these random passwords? Storing your passwords can be just as risky as designing faulty passwords. Limiting the risks of exposure is the key. Remember not to store your password in plain view, on paper, or in a database file. Instead, use any number of free password storage programs or buy password storage software. To find more information on secure online gambling, password protection, and password managers visit

Remember, passwords are stolen everyday and account balances can be emptied with a click of the mouse. Don’t let something so preventable happen to you. Generate your passwords wisely, and you can enjoy many years of secure and worry-free online gambling.

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